Caritas Calling!  October / November 2021

A Monthly Bulletin for our local parishes, charities and Catholic Agencies

  1. Caritas – Promoting sustainable integral human development and care for creation
  2. CAFOD – UN report shows we must act now or face global catastrophe
  3. Global Day Of Action For The Climate 
  4. The Ecological Conversion Group Launch The Journey to 2030 website
  5. Pope to Youth4Climate: Education should foster care for environment
  6. CSAN joins calls on Prime Minister not to cut Universal Credit
  7. Increased support for people with disabilities in parishes
  8. The God Who Speaks – Scripture Study sessions
  9. The Pope’s Prayer intentions:

October – Intention for evangelization ‐ Missionary disciples

November – Universal intention ‐ People who suffer from depression

  1. The Cycle of Prayer
  2. Pope on Diocesan Youth Day: ‘Arise, bear witness to Jesus with your lives’
  3. World Day of the Poor 2021
  4. How can the Caritas development process assist the Synodal process in diocesan and parish settings?
  5. Caritas – Promoting sustainable integral human development and care for creation (CI.SO 3; CE.SO 2)

Caritas Internationalis (CI) Strategic Orientation 3: Promote sustainable integral human development and care for creationEradicate all forms of poverty by empowering communities, transforming unjust structures, and caring for creation

CI Objective 3.3: We promote sustainable integral human development by addressing issues of climate and social justice in light of Laudato Si’. CI Strategic Outcomes by 2023:

CI Outcome 3.3: Caritas contributes to the fulfilment of Agenda 2030, the Paris Agreement, and other appropriate frameworks through advocacy strategies addressing social and climate justice issues.

Caritas Europa (CE) Strategic Orientation 2: Integral Human Development and Humanitarian Response

CE Objective 2.2: The Caritas Europa network fosters integral human development in programmes in Europe and globally. CE Strategic Outcomes by 2028:

CE Strategic Outcome 2.2.1. The Caritas Europa network promotes sustainable development programmes aimed at combating poverty and inequalities, including via an innovative approach to the human-centred economy and taking into consideration the medium- and long-term impact of the global pandemic.

CE Strategic Outcome 2.2.2. The Caritas Europa network facilitates and strengthens the planning and implementation of sustainable programmes, focusing on care for Creation, inspired by Laudato Si’ and framed by the UN Agenda 2030 in light of the impact that climate change has had on people living in vulnerable situations globally.

  1. CAFOD – UN report shows we must act now or face global catastrophe – IC News Sept 17th, 2021

The UN today published a compilation of climate action plans from countries around the world. The Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Synthesis report indicates that while there is a clear trend that greenhouse gas emissions are being reduced over time, nations must urgently redouble their climate efforts if they are to prevent global temperature increases beyond the Paris Agreement’s goal of well below 2C – ideally 1.5C – by the end of the century. Graham Gordon, Head of Policy at CAFOD, commented: “The synthesis report shows us that the climate crisis has reached a point of no return – act now or face global catastrophe. For many countries in the Global South, climate change is already having life changing and often deadly impacts on the poorest and most vulnerable in society, so this is no news to them.

With just six weeks to go before COP26, it’s time for world leaders to get serious and take radical action, that meets the scale of what we face, to fight the climate crisis. Current global efforts are still going in the wrong direction, with countries projected to emit more carbon in 2030 than in 2010, which could lead to global warming approaching 2.7 degrees by the end of the century. As president of COP26 the UK must lead by example on this. We must consign fossil fuels to history, increase climate spending for the world’s poorest countries and keep the Paris Agreement of 1.5 alive if we are to have a shred of credibility on the international stage.”

Read the report:

  1. Global Day Of Action For The Climate 

Join the global day of action on Saturday 6 November to make sure that our call for climate action is not ignored.

CAFOD, Christian Aid & Tearfund are working together as a faith bloc for the COP26 Coalition Cardiff Hub mobilisation on Saturday 6 November.

We’ll be joining millions of people across the world who will be out marching for climate justice.   As world leaders gather for the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, we want to make sure we raise our voice and let them know that urgent action is needed to keep global temperatures within 1.5 degrees of warming, and to ensure that sufficient support is provided for the countries and communities who have done the least to cause the current climate emergency.  We are hoping to gather for prayer and reflection at a church near City Hall (venue tbc) at 10.30 am before joining the march at City Hall at 12 noon walking to the Senedd.  Join us! Wear something green! Make your own banner! Use your voice. Put your faith into action.  Contact for more details. To find out if there is a COP26 Coalition Local Hub near you, visit:

  1. The Ecological Conversion Group Launch The Journey to 2030 website

“The Ecological Conversion Group are very pleased to announce the soft launch of ‘The Journey to 2030’ website, a completely new website that we have been working on during lockdown with the help of some excellent contributors. While it is still early days, and much of the content is classified as ‘coming soon’, we feel we have a good starting block for the road ahead.

“On Monday 27th September we warmly invite you to join us in unveiling the shiny new website with a mercifully short online presentation. We will explain the functions and aims of the new website that we hope will act as a hub for our UK Church’s journey out of lockdown and into community action, in order to address both the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor in these highly significant and pivotal times for our people and planet. We hope our new website will aid the Church in fostering a culture of care and ‘preparing the future’.

“The Journey to 2030 website and movement has been created to aid parishes and schools in particular, as well as providing education and formation for the general public on the role of faith and spirituality in our ecological crisis.” To visit the website, which is a work in progress, go to:

  1. Pope to Youth4Climate – Education should foster care for environment

Pope Francis sends a video message to some 400 young people from 197 countries participating in a 3-day Youth4Climate meet taking place in Milan, northern Italy.

Vatican News staff reporter 29 September 2021

Technical and political solutions to humanity’s crises, such as climate change and the environment, are not enough unless there is a culture of care and responsible sharing, which is nurtured through an education that promotes development and sustainability based on fraternity.

Pope Francis made the point in a video message to young people participating in a 3-day Youth4Climate event in Milan, northern Italy, in preparation for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, scheduled from November 1 to 12 in Glasgow, Scotland.

  1. CSAN joins calls on Prime Minister not to cut Universal Credit

Caritas Social Action Network has co-signed a joint open letter to the Prime Minster calling on him not to go ahead with the planned £20-a-week cut to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit, due to come into effect on 6 October 2021. With 100 signatory organisations operating at national and community levels in the United Kingdom, the letter represents what is believed to be the largest coalition to date on this issue.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation coordinated the letter. Signatories include leading voices on health, education, children, housing, poverty, the economy and other aspects of public policy.

Read the letter to the Prime Minister here:

  1. Increased support for people with disabilities in parishes

CSAN member charities the Catholic Disability Fellowship (CDF) and the St Vincent de Paul Society (England and Wales) are launching a joint initiative to help raise awareness of, involvement in, and support for, people with disability in the Catholic Church in England and Wales. A key resource for this will be the ‘Parish Guide to Disability’, adapted from a resource developed by the US Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg.

Dr Ed Whelan, Vice Chairman of the National Council of CDF, said: ‘At present, an estimated 21% of people experience some form of disability, many of whom are vulnerable and needing support. Due to the pandemic and incidence of ‘long Covid’, this percentage is likely to increase. We are grateful that membership of CSAN has facilitated the link between our organisations, and also for the recent launch of the ‘Caritas in Practice’ resource. We hope to contribute to at least five of the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching listed there.’ The Parish Guide to Disability is available to download from CSAN’s website:

  1. The God Who Speaks

Scripture Study sessions in the Archdiocese of Cardiff on certain Saturdays from 11am to 12.30pm.

October 9th, 2021: The Gospel of St. Mark; Deacon Maurice Scanlon

November 6th, 2021: The Gospel of St. Luke; Dr Philip Manghan

For more information and to register for the talks so that you will receive the Zoom link, please email Madeleine Walters at In the Archdiocese of Cardiff, Kate Duffin and Madeleine Walters, promote The God Who Speaks initiative and, for Newsletters, contact Madeleine.

Fr. Jerome Ituah OCD is the contact in the Diocese of Menevia:

  1. The Pope’s Prayer intentions: [Visit: each month for the latest video]

October – Intention for evangelization ‐ Missionary disciples:

“We pray that every baptized person may be engaged in evangelization, available to the mission, by being witnesses of a life that has the flavour of the Gospel.”

November – Universal intention ‐ People who suffer from depression

We pray that people who suffer from depression or burn‐out will find support and a light that opens them up to life.”

  1. The Cycle of Prayer

Cycle of Prayer/Ordinary Time Autumn:

During Ordinary Time (Autumn), we are asked to pray for these intentions:

Justice and Peace in the World – especially on Harvest Fast Day: 1st Friday on October

The Harvest Fast day is one of two such days organised by CAFOD. The money offered from the fasting is usually collected at Mass on the following Sunday. CAFOD

Prisoners and their Families – Prisoners Sunday (Sunday, 10 October); Prisons Week (10 – 16 October)

Prisoner’s week was a Catholic initiative begun in 1975 by Bishop Victor Guazelli which has since ecumenical support and observance. It reflects the work of the Prison Advice and Care Trust (PACT) which builds on its origins as the Bourne Trust — the Catholic Prisoner’s Aid Society. The Sunday and the following week seek to focus attention not only on the needs of prisoners but on all those involved the field of prison care, prisoners families, victims of crime, prison staff and many volunteers.

PACT:; Prisons Week:

The Spread of the Gospel – especially on World Mission Day: the penultimate Sunday in October.

World Mission Sunday 2021 Theme: We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard

World Mission Sunday – the one day in the year when the entire global Church comes together in support of mission – will happen on 24 October 2021.

World Mission Sunday is celebrated in every Catholic community in the world. It’s a moment of grace to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ who are living in situations of poverty, violence and oppression. Every parish, school and community is invited to join this special event, and every penny, pound and prayer you give to Missio helps missionaries everywhere continue their work.

Missio video – We Are Still Here:

In his message for World Mission Sunday 2021,,  Pope Francis writes:

An invitation to each of us

The theme of this year’s World Mission Day – “We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20), is a summons to each of us to “own” and to bring to others what we bear in our hearts. This mission has always been the hallmark of the Church, for “she exists to evangelize” (Saint Paul VI, Evangelii Nuntiandi, 14). Our life of faith grows weak, loses its prophetic power and its ability to awaken amazement and gratitude when we become isolated and withdraw into little groups. By its very nature, the life of faith calls for a growing openness to embracing everyone, everywhere. The first Christians, far from yielding to the temptation to become an elite group, were inspired by the Lord and his offer of new life to go out among the nations and to bear witness to what they had seen and heard: the good news that the Kingdom of God is at hand. They did so with the generosity, gratitude and nobility typical of those who sow seeds in the knowledge that others will enjoy the fruit of their efforts and sacrifice. I like to think that “even those who are most frail, limited and troubled can be missionaries in their own way, for goodness can always be shared, even if it exists alongside many limitations” (Christus Vivit, 239).

All Victims of War – especially on Remembrance Sunday (2nd Sunday in November)

Young People – especially on Christ the King: 34th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

  1. Pope on Diocesan Youth Day: ‘Arise, bear witness to Jesus with your lives’

The 36th World Youth Day takes place on 21 November 2021 and will be celebrated in dioceses around the globe as the Church prepares for the 2023 WYD in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pope Francis has released his message for the 2021 Diocesan WYD under the theme: “Arise. I appoint you as a witness of what you have seen” (Acts 26:16). –

In the message, the Pope pointed to the important role that young people have to play in the world, especially as they have faced enormous setbacks and difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many young people, said the Pope, experienced a rise in family problems, unemployment, depression, loneliness, and addictive behaviour. But, he added, the experience of the pandemic has also revealed the virtues of young people, including our “inclination to solidarity.” “Whenever a young person falls, in some sense all humanity falls,” he said. “Yet it is also true that when a young person rises, it is as if the whole world rises as well.” With that in mind, Pope Francis urged young Christians to “arise” and help the world start afresh with their passion and enthusiasm. Listen to our reportF136196565.mp3

  1. World Day of the Poor 2021

The next World Day of the Poor will be on Sunday 14 November 2021. In collaboration with Redemptorist Publications, CSAN has produced a PDF resource for parishes, schools and individuals, which includes a novena for World Day of the Poor and a See-Judge-Act exercise for groups. A collective worship for use in schools on the week beginning 8 November can be found here and includes teachers’ notes. Pope Francis message for the day can be found here:

  1. How can the Caritas development process assist the Synodal process in diocesan and parish settings?

Journeying together – syn-odos

Cooperating in shared projects makes the value of our works even more evident, since it brings out something connatural to the Church: her communion, her journeying together (syn-odos) in the same mission in service of the common good, through ‘co-responsibility’ and the contribution of everyone.

Pope Francis to the Forum of Catholic-inspired Organisations, 7 December 2019.

About the Forum

In the Apostolic Exhortation Christifideles Laici, #20, we read: ‘Church communion then is a gift, a great gift of the Holy Spirit, to be gratefully accepted by the lay faithful, and at the same time to be lived with a deep sense of responsibility. This is concretely realized through their participation in the life and mission of the Church, to whose service the lay faithful put their varied and complementary ministries and charisms.’

The theme of the Synod is “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission.” The three dimensions of the theme are communionparticipation, and mission. These three dimensions are profoundly interrelated. They are the vital pillars of a Synodal Church. There is no hierarchy between them. Rather, each one enriches and orients the other two. There is a dynamic relationship between the three that must be articulated with all three in mind.

Caritas provides community-based learning and development sessions based on the Values and Principles of Catholic Social Teaching and on the Key Values and Themes that underpin, inform and are present within community development practice.  Building skills based on these Values and Principles enables the Church to develop the capacity of parishioners to participate effectively in listening to, and discerning, the needs of Church and society, for example, facilitating a response to the ‘cry of the earth and the cry of the poor’, or facilitating participation in a Synodal process. The sessions build on people’s own experience and practice and can be a route to professional qualifications, continuing professional development and continuing pastoral development.

To learn more, contact: Jim Barnaville, Coordinator, Caritas Archdiocese of Cardiff. Email