Night of Light Booklet

Ideas for your family during these unprecedented times (Click on the link above)


Over the past few years, the Archdiocese of Cardiff has celebrated our grandparents during October, with schools and parishes holding special events. Although this year means we are unable to celebrate in quite the same ways, it doesn’t stop us as individuals and families doing something special to show our grandparents we love and appreciate their role in our lives.

As we head into another period of lockdown and the inevitable isolation from family and friends this creates, why not do something to celebrate your grandparents: write them a letter; Facetime/Zoom them; call them on their phone; arrange to attend a live-streamed Mass at the same time as them; set up a virtual catch-up and maybe even play a game or two; send them a parcel of their favourite treats, or some flowers, maybe even a food parcel if they are likely to struggle to get out to the shops themselves.

Let us know what you do and maybe even share a photo with us! Email


When you think of Hallowe’en, probably, like most people, the images that spring to mind are those of witches and ghosts and so on, which belong to the dark world of the occult and magic – images of darkness and death. As Christian parents these do not fit into our beliefs but can often become a contentious issue with our children when they see their friends having fun – we can be seen as kill joys!

  • Due to the current lockdown restrictions, more usual activities will be confined to our homes and be for household members only – this provide an ideal opportunity for us a s Christian parents to reclaim Hallowe’en for God, so that it is transformed from a night of darkness into a great Christian festival once again.
  • If your children want to have a Halloween party why not throw your own “Night of Light” party, where children (and adults?) can dress up as one of the Saints; costumes can reflect the way the Saint lived and or died.


The Night of Light is all about celebrating Hallowe’en as All Hallows’ Eve, the vigil (beginning) of the feast of All Saints – the feast in which we celebrate the glory of God in His saints; The victory of light over darkness in the lives of God’s holy ones in heaven.

  • The attached leaflet contains ideas and suggestions intended to help you in holding your own event; activities, themed around the saints, offer plenty of fun and celebration!


In this way, hopefully then, in years to come, when people are asked what immediately springs to mind when they think of Halloween, they will think of Jesus Christ and the glory of God in His saints.