Online Resources during Coronavirus

Online Resources which can support our prayer life during this time when we will be unable to worship publicly.

  • Daily Mass Readings can be found at:
  • Magnificat – a spiritual guide to help you develop your prayer life is offering its resources free during the current crises –
  • Daily Mass is broadcast in English on: EWTN at 12noon ( o Shalom World TV at 10am – repeated at 10pm

Both EWTN and Shalom World produce Mass of broadcast quality. If however you are happy to watch less polished events via webcams you can access many from the UK and elsewhere at: – you can search by Church or Mass time. In addition – a full list of the churches can be found here:

 Resources to – aid to your prayer of the Rosary can be found here:

Aids to praying the Chaplet of Mercy can be found here:

CARDIFF PEOPLE: Many of you will be used to picking up a copy of the Catholic People – the Official Newspaper of the Archdiocese each month. Due to the closure of the churches, the April Edition of the Catholic People is online. This month’s paper includes a tribute to the late Archbishop Smith along with other articles of interest to people across the Archdiocese.

 Websites for Catholic newspapers are:     


Please continue to pray for those suffering with Coronavirus, those who have died from the virus and most importantly plead for the end of the pandemic

A Plenary Indulgence is available to all who pray for these intentions under the usual conditions of making Sacramental Confession, Holy Communion (both as soon as possible after the lockdown) and prayers for the intentions of Pope Francis (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be). Acts to be performed for the indulgence include read the Holy Scriptures for at least half an hour, or recite the Rosary or the Way of the Cross. As is evident to all, the recitation of prayers and the reading of the Bible can be done without leaving home, and therefore in full compliance with the rules to counter the spread of the virus.