Canon Chris Thomas, the General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference  says:

 “Thank you for your participation and very thoughtful comments at the Synod day in Southwark on 1st June. The National Synthesis Team has been working on the document since then and I am very pleased to be able to send this to you today.  We reviewed all of the comments that were made on the Synod Day and have best incorporated them where appropriate.  

 The next stage in this work will be for our bishops, who will gather next Tuesday, the 28th, to review their reflections and discernment of the material in the national synthesis.  That document which they are writing, along with the synthesis presented today, will then form our submission to the Synod Office in Rome.  This will be considered, along with the other national synthesis documents from around the world, and from these, the Synod Office will produce the Instrumentum Laboris 1 for the work at the European (Regional) Phase.  And so, the journey of becoming a Synodal Church continues, moving forward to the Regional Phase but also continuing the reflections and work here in England and Wales at the local and diocesan level.”

I attended that Synod day on June 1st with a parish representative from my parish since all members of the Synodal Team were already committed.  I can confirm that the review of the Draft Synthesis was carried out in a very thorough way.