The Feast of the Assumption – a reflection

Celebrate the Feast of the Assumption on August 15th with this reflection by

Amégée Olongo on a stained glass window designed by Evie Hone.


The Assumption of Mary into Heaven

Mary’s Assumption into heaven has been a common belief since ancient times and musicians, artists and poets have always celebrated the Assumption of our Lady through their work. This belief was declared a dogma ex Cathedra in 1950 by Pope Pius the XII. And so Catholics around the world celebrate The Assumption of our Lady into heaven every year on August the 15th. The Assumption is a source of hope for all of us as we are all called to share in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.   Mary has been prepared by God her entire life for this moment where she would be assumed body and soul into heaven. And what we are learning from this stained glass is that we are all called to share the same glory as Mary and Jesus by joining God the Father, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in an eternal communion of love. And that we will finally meet our mother Mary, all the angels and saints and those we love after our death.

Mary, Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, pray for us.